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*Rashid Mehmood


A few days ago, due to a liver disease, he was destined to undergo surgery twice. A week has passed since I was discharged from the hospital and the trial is over, but no, the decisions of nature are different and it was realized when I went to the doctor for a routine examination and after some discussion the doctor Instructed ultrasound. When the ultrasound peeked through the liver, it was found that "heart, liver, thirst cried out", meaning the liver was seen again in a state of sighing and groaning, and the physicians rushed all reports. After review, Rai Qaim's previous surgery has been somewhat lacking and some undesirable elements in the inclusion of the liver are occupied in the same way as the inclusion of rivers in our country is occupied by local influential people and floods have devastated the settlements of the poor. We do not want any flood situation to occur here, so you will have to undergo surgery again to avoid the impending storm.

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