The Multidisciplinary Journal of Instruction (MDJI) presents itself as an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed international platform for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Let's analyze some key aspects to form a scholarly evaluation:

  • Scope: MDJI focuses on a broad range of disciplines within humanities and social sciences. This interdisciplinary approach can be a strength, fostering dialogue across fields. However, it's crucial to assess the depth of peer review expertise in such a diverse range of topics.

  • Open Access: Open access allows for wider dissemination of research, a positive aspect. However, the financial sustainability of the journal and potential quality control measures become important considerations.

  • Peer Review: MDJI claims to be double-blind peer-reviewed. The credibility of the journal hinges on the rigor of its peer review process. Scrutinizing the qualifications of the reviewers and the journal's transparency regarding the process would be necessary for a scholarly assessment.

  • Publisher: Students Consultancy Home publishes MDJI. The reputation and experience of the publisher in handling academic journals is a relevant factor to consider.

  • Availability of Information: Limited information is readily available about MDJI's editorial board, acceptance rates, or indexing in scholarly databases. These are transparency benchmarks for reputable academic journals.

In Conclusion:

MDJI has the potential to be a valuable platform for scholarly exchange. However, for a more comprehensive evaluation, a critical look is necessary. Here are some steps for further assessment:

  • Investigate the editorial board's credentials and experience.
  • Look for information on the journal's acceptance rates and peer review process.
  • Verify if MDJI is indexed in recognized academic databases.
  • Consider the publisher's experience with scholarly journals.

By critically evaluating these aspects, scholars can make an informed decision about the suitability of publishing in MDJI or using its content for research purposes.