Archiving Policy

1. Introduction

The Multidisciplinary Journal of Instruction (MDJI) is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of its published content. This Archiving Policy outlines the measures taken by MDJI to ensure the scholarly record is maintained and accessible for future generations of researchers.

2. Archiving Partners

MDJI partners with reputable archiving organizations to deposit all published articles. These partners maintain geographically distributed servers to protect against data loss and ensure long-term accessibility. The specific archiving partners will be listed on the MDJI website.

3. Archiving Format

MDJI deposits articles in a non-proprietary, open-access format such as Portable Document Format (PDF) with embedded text for searchability. This ensures long-term accessibility regardless of changes in software or hardware.

4. Archiving Timeline

MDJI deposits all published articles with its archiving partners immediately upon publication. This ensures immediate and ongoing access to the scholarly record.

5. Author Self-Archiving

In addition to MDJI's archiving efforts, authors are encouraged to deposit their published articles in their institutional repositories or on appropriate open-access platforms. This increases discoverability and promotes wider dissemination of research.

6. Archiving Guarantee

MDJI guarantees that the content it publishes will be preserved in a secure and accessible format for the foreseeable future. In the unlikely event of a service interruption, MDJI will work diligently to restore access to the archived content.

7. Contact

For any questions regarding the MDJI Archiving Policy, please contact the journal editor at [insert email address].

8. Review

This Archiving Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains aligned with best practices in scholarly publishing and archiving.