Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

The Multidisciplinary Journal of Instruction (MDJI) employs a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality, originality, and scholarly merit of published articles. This policy outlines the procedures followed for manuscript review and editorial decisions.

Review Process

  1. Initial Screening: The Editor-in-Chief conducts an initial screening of all submissions to ensure they meet the journal's aims and scope, formatting guidelines, and ethical standards. Manuscripts failing to meet these criteria will be returned to the authors with a brief explanation.

  2. Double-Blind Review: Qualified manuscripts are assigned to two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field. The reviewers' identities are concealed from the authors (double-blind), and vice versa, to ensure unbiased evaluation. Reviewers are provided with a review form to assess the manuscript based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and significance of the research question
  • Soundness of methodology and research design
  • Accuracy and completeness of data analysis
  • Clarity and coherence of writing
  • Proper citation and referencing
  • Contribution to the existing body of knowledge
  1. Reviewer Recommendations: Reviewers provide a written recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief regarding the manuscript's suitability for publication. Possible recommendations include:
  • Accept: The manuscript is publishable without revisions.
  • Accept with Minor Revisions: The manuscript requires minor changes to address specific points raised by the reviewers.
  • Major Revisions Required: The manuscript needs significant revisions before it can be reconsidered for publication.
  • Reject: The manuscript is not suitable for publication in MDJI.
  1. Editorial Decision: The Editor-in-Chief considers the reviewers' reports and makes the final decision on the manuscript's publication. The authors are notified of the decision along with any reviewer comments (with reviewer identities anonymized).

  2. Revision and Resubmission: Authors of manuscripts requiring revisions are invited to submit a revised version addressing the reviewers' concerns. Revised manuscripts undergo a new round of review by the original reviewers or other experts if necessary.

Reviewer Selection

MDJI maintains a database of qualified reviewers with expertise across various disciplines covered by the journal. Reviewers are selected based on their:

  • Academic credentials and research experience in the relevant field
  • Publication record in high-quality peer-reviewed journals
  • Experience in scholarly peer review


MDJI maintains strict confidentiality throughout the review process. Reviewers are expected to treat all submitted manuscripts as confidential and not share them with unauthorized individuals.

Ethical Guidelines

MDJI adheres to ethical standards for scholarly publishing. Authors are expected to follow best practices regarding plagiarism, authorship attribution, data integrity, and conflict of interest. Reviewers are expected to provide unbiased and objective evaluations, avoiding personal criticism.


MDJI strives for transparency in the peer review process. The journal website provides information about the review process and ethical guidelines for authors and reviewers. However, the identities of reviewers are kept anonymous to ensure unbiased evaluation.

This Peer Review Policy is subject to change at the discretion of the MDJI Editorial Board. We encourage authors to consult the journal website for the latest version of the policy.