Precision Livestock Farming Meets Drug Discovery: Microfluidic Sensors Revolutionizing Pathogen Management


  • Yanisha Sudhir Department of Environmental Engineering, Ohio University Author


Precision Livestock Farming, Microfluidic Sensors, Pathogen Management, Drug Discovery, Real-time Detection, Livestock Health, On-site Diagnostics, Integrated Sensor Systems, Agricultural Innovation, Disease Surveillance


Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) has transformed the agriculture landscape by integrating advanced technologies to monitor and manage livestock health. In a groundbreaking convergence, this paper explores the intersection of Precision Livestock Farming and drug discovery through the utilization of microfluidic sensors. Specifically, we delve into the revolutionary role of microfluidic sensors in pathogen management within livestock environments. These sensors offer real-time, on-site detection of pathogens, enabling proactive disease management. The paper discusses the design, development, and implementation of microfluidic sensors, highlighting their potential to revolutionize drug discovery practices in the context of Precision Livestock Farming.