Harnessing Microfluidics for Precision Livestock Farming: An Integrated Approach to Livestock Health Management


  • Fang Xiang Department of Computer Science, Fudan University, Shanghai Author


Microfluidics, Precision Livestock Farming, livestock health management, biomarker analysis, disease detection, data-driven decision-making, animal welfare, sustainability, economic viability, integrated approach


The integration of microfluidic technologies into Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) heralds a new era in livestock health management. This paper explores the multifaceted application of microfluidics for precision monitoring, early disease detection, and data-driven decision-making in livestock farming. By providing a comprehensive review of recent advancements, challenges, and future prospects, the study underscores the transformative potential of microfluidic platforms in enhancing the well-being of livestock. This integrated approach combines real-time biomarker analysis, disease detection, and efficient data management, offering a holistic solution for promoting animal welfare, sustainability, and economic viability in modern livestock farming.