Plant Pathogen Detection in Precision Livestock Farming: Integrating Microfluidic Technologies for Enhanced Surveillance


  • Aadrika Ajay Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Mississippi Author


Precision Livestock Farming, Plant Pathogen Detection, Microfluidic Technologies, Disease Surveillance, Livestock Health Management, Real-time Monitoring, Early Detection, On-site Diagnosis, Integrated Sensor Systems, Agricultural Biosecurity


Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is a data-driven approach that leverages advanced technologies to optimize the management and well-being of livestock. In the context of PLF, early detection of plant pathogens is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases, ensuring the health and productivity of livestock. This paper explores the integration of microfluidic technologies for enhanced surveillance of plant pathogens in the context of Precision Livestock Farming. Microfluidic platforms offer advantages such as rapid and on-site detection, high sensitivity, and low sample volumes. The proposed integration aims to provide real-time monitoring, early detection, and efficient management strategies to mitigate the impact of plant pathogens on livestock. The paper discusses the design, implementation, and potential benefits of incorporating microfluidic technologies into PLF systems for improved plant pathogen surveillance.