Innovative Microfluidic Approaches for Screening Plant Pathogens in Precision Livestock Farming Environments


  • Anjali Rupinder Department of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University Author


Precision Livestock Farming, Microfluidic Approaches, Plant Pathogen Screening, On-site Detection, Early Disease Detection, Sustainable Agriculture, Microfluidic Devices, Innovative Diagnostics, Livestock Health Management, Agricultural Biosecurity.


Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) plays a pivotal role in optimizing animal health and productivity, and early detection of plant pathogens affecting livestock feed is crucial for ensuring sustainable agricultural practices. This paper explores innovative microfluidic approaches for the screening of plant pathogens in Precision Livestock Farming environments. Microfluidic technologies offer advantages such as rapid, on-site detection, high sensitivity, and low sample volumes, making them ideal for integration into PLF systems. The proposed approaches focus on the development of advanced microfluidic devices and techniques for efficient, real-time screening of plant pathogens, providing farmers with timely information to mitigate the impact on livestock health. This contribution aims to propel the intersection of microfluidics and PLF, offering a transformative solution for proactive disease management in the context of modern livestock farming.